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Why Train With Power

BY IN News On 23-06-2015


Power meters are ever present in the cycling industry now. In this article we outline the immense value in owning one and offer further insight into how to best use the units to fast track your own fitness goals.

Power meters offer an ability to capture your OWN fitness level, represented as wattage on your Garmin or other bike computer device. This is unique in that heart rate, and/or speed, also are indicative of fitness, yet are very prone to being impacted upon by external forces. For example if riding with a tail wind, speed is not really reflective of fitness as opposed to a head wind. With heart rate you can have days where the heart rate is particularly high or low depending on the body’s balance or status.

A power meter, however, reflects what your body is presently producing as a function of fitness. It is not so much impacted on by external elements and can track 1% gains in fitness over time, even weekly. With a power meter you now have the ability to measure your own fitness levels and therefore set goals as to how much you might like to improve over time, or even in setting targets for particular rides and intervals. You therefore take your goal setting to internal measures rather than comparison to others or to time.

Vault Cycle Services are the leading power meter experts in Perth and are very happy to answer any questions you might have pertaining to the purchase and use of power meters

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